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Canterbury Farm

Our instruction and educational programs are comprehensive and bring about a true sense of achievement and confidence, thereby developing exceptional, well trained horses and riders.


The education of the rider must be developed from a correct foundation.  The process is extremely important, requiring consistency and proper instructional technique. Students experience the complex partnership that exists between horse and rider. Horses and riding teach important ‘life’ lessons: responsibility, patience, inner strength and compassion.


Riding develops strength, flexibility, increased coordination and core strength.  Riders acquire the ability to focus, analyze and have a greater “feel”. There are specific advantages for both children and adults; riding skills are not limited to a certain age group. Studies by the University of Brighton and Plympton College in Great Britain conclude that riding and horse care activities stimulate positive feelings.


We offer training for horses of all levels, from the inexperienced to those who require more advanced knowledge and experience. Our farm trains horses for competition in the disciplines of eventing, dressage, jumpers, show hunters, and equitation.  We also train horses for non-competitive pleasure riding, to be a well-trained, reliable horse with the necessary experience that enhances the horse/rider experience.  Canterbury Farm provides an optimum environment for the correct development of horse and rider in an atmosphere of harmony and encouragement.


If you are a horse owner, we offer professional care, with attention to detail and an excellent veterinary care program. Horses are given all day turnout, customized feeding and nightly checks.  The philosophy at Canterbury Farm is that the well-being and benefit of the horse is of utmost importance. Our ability to maintain a moderate size, personalized instruction and training set us apart.

Horse leases

Leasing a horse for a time, (short or long term) has many benefits.  It allows the rider to practice and further develop skills learned in their lessons. Riders also learn to experience the pleasures of horse ownership without an actual purchase.  This is particularly useful for riders as they progress; they may not yet be prepared for an advanced level horse but can reinforce and strengthen their skills on a horse appropriate for their skill level.

Our Programs


We offer lessons for riders of all levels, from the complete beginner (of any age) to the advanced rider with many years of riding and competition experience. Beginner and novice students ride in private lessons.  This is necessary to ensure an optimum learning environment, and to accelerate the learning process without the distraction of a group situation.  Students are able to transition to a group if they so desire, once they have the necessary skills and confidence to advance within a group setting.  The novice stages of riding are particularly important to the long term riding ability of a student, as good habits and correct technique will allow progression without ‘bad habits’ so common in riders who have not had the opportunity to receive proper instruction in the past.

Horsemanship Program

Horses and riding differ from many other sports in that you are in a partnership with a living, breathing animal.  This is rewarding and complex.  Horse care and understanding involves handling, riding, stable management, health and veterinary science. We have a program based on the British Horse Society that develops skills and knowledge through ‘hands on’ learning and instruction in these areas. The program is designed for all student levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced level students.  The horsemanship program is composed of lectures, demonstrations and practice.  As a student makes progress and is prepared to move up to the next level, they pass a practical and written examination. This serves to reinforce confidence and knowledge; and is an excellent preparation for horse ownership and other life challenges, whether they are physical or mental.

Summer Camp

Summer is a great time to better develop riding skills or advance to the next level. The opportunity to immerse oneself in riding and horse knowledge is generally greater in the time of year that is more flexible and relaxed for many people’s schedules. Riding on consecutive days allows for enhanced progression. We offer camp programs for beginner, novice and intermediate riders. This is a 9:00 am – 1:00 program Monday to Friday that includes an hour lesson each day and instruction in basics to horse care and necessary rider knowledge.


Topics include but are not limited to: grooming, bathing, tacking up, saddlery care, horse anatomy/ breeds/colors.  Also offered is a full day, more intensive camp for those students with some experience that includes a fun show at the end of the week.

Adult Camp

Adult riders are very enthusiastic about pursuing their passion and look forward to “me time” time to focus on their riding.  We offer evening and weekend ‘mini camps’ at scheduled intervals during the summer and fall. The adult programs are varied and include novice through advanced levels.

Competition Program

Competitions are an effective and enjoyable way to develop more advanced skills.  They allow novice, intermediate and advanced riders to have fun and assess their skills in a different environment. As horse and rider progress, we feel that it is beneficial to experience and evaluate ability in a competitive environment. There are many types of competitions available, depending on the interest and skills of horse and rider. These can  range from local shows or events to the New England area.  They include eventing, show jumping, dressage and hunter/equitation shows.

Internship Program

Canterbury Farm has been a resource for high school and college students wishing to pursue degrees in the fields of veterinary medicine, animal science, veterinary technology, sustainable agriculture and related fields.  We have the ability to provide for required experience in equine management and experiential learning.  Equine health, good stable management, responsibility and knowledge are advantageous in the above fields. Students wishing to pursue graduate level and professional degrees are generally expected to have meaningful experience prior to acceptance in these programs. Many of our students have been accepted to veterinary school and graduate school programs.